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We are an innovative technology company that is enhancing the lives of people and organizations across the globe through artificial intelligence solutions. DigiMax Global leverage leading AI technology and an expert data-scientist team to enhance the capacity of decision making for companies and people around the world.

ouR solutions

Spetz is a global online, AI-powered marketplace platform that dynamically connects consumers to nearby top-rated service providers in around 30 seconds.
• Every 1 minute someone opens the app.
• Over 490K service calls and over 250K app downloads.
• Spetz is operating in United Kingdom, Australia and Israel with a target launch in the USA, in Q4 2022.

A Powerful Experience

"Great app - saved me so much time. Saved me the legwork of connecting to trades where I have no knowledge of who to contact. Also felt connections were ones I could trust and go with. Great app. Will use again!"
Sinead McGuire, Apple app store
Every day consumers around the globe are using the powerful experience of Spetz, to find nearby, top-rated service providers.
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NaveePredict improves forecasting by revealing the trends of your sales, revenues, and supply chain movements buried in data. Our AI-powered technology, reinforced by our machine learning prediction technology, reveals insights into key operations.


The company’s AI algorithm analyzes applicant responses across 52 different traits and compares those scores with a baseline, providing hiring managers with a comprehensive report improving the hiring process.


CryptoHawk is an advanced and complete crypto price prediction indicator tool. CryptoHawk allows anyone to: Capture gains and take advantage of volatility, reduce stress and risk, engage in smarter and simpler trading, and remove emotions out of investing.

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What We Do


Cryptocurrency Price Trend Prediction Platform
Our deep learning AI monitors and analyzes live data from many and varied sources to spot relevant patterns, detect signals and send meaningful price trend predictions.


As A Service
Our data scientists provide companies with the unprecedented power of enhanced decision making by harnessing the true power of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Financial Services

For Businesses of All Sizes
We help family offices, institutional clients and high net-worth individuals gain exposure to cryptocurrencies through our AI powered long/short actively managed hedge fund.

HR Solutions

AI Powered Human Resources
Our solutions provide comparative insights for better hiring decisions, reducing employment attrition, and improving workplace culture utilizing artificial intelligence.

Expert AI Solutions

Advanced Artificial Intelligence isn’t just what we do, it’s all we do. Our team of data scientists are able to translate data into meaningful actionable information. From data strategy to custom algorithm development we will help you solve complex business problems that provide real business value.

We use Leading AI Technology

Empowered by 30+ years of experience in the field of data-science and artificial intelligence and an official IBM Watson partner we leverage our experience to offer highly optimized solutions.
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Data Strategies, Ai best practices, industry insights, and all the resources you need for you to harness the power of artificial intelligence.
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