As Crypto Prices Reach for New Highs, DigiMax Strategy Continues to Strengthen

Chris Carl
October 19, 2021

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – October 19, 2021

TORONTO/ACCESSWIRE –DIGIMAX GLOBAL INC. (the “Company” or “DigiMax”) (CSE:DIGI) is pleased to provide an update on several of the new initiatives it has engaged in the past several months, and an outlook on what lies ahead.

DigiMax has embarked on several seemingly disparate projects that are now converging into a strong performing set of Artificial Intelligence assets, and a growing network of key partnerships that are starting to accelerate the growth of these assets.

A brief description of these follows:


After its first three stellar months of performance commencing with the launch June 1, 2021 in which gains of more than 50% were demonstrated for BTC and more than half that for ETH, CryptoHawk did appear to have a few hiccups in September.   These have been more than offset in October and the prediction tool is continuing to provide extraordinary return opportunities. 

Added to this, the DigiMax team has developed a trading strategy that it has shared with its subscribers through webinars that it calls “Modulation.”  By waiting for a preset price flow after an indicator is published, CryptoHawk performance has been demonstrated to be nearly doubled in most months.  Modulation also has the effect of cutting the number of trades by approximately 50%.

A recent combined management and external study of CryptoHawk’s (and including its predecessor CryptoDivine, together herein referred to as “CryptoHawk”) Artificial Intelligence for predicting trading performance using published trading signals suggests that since January 1, 2021, an investment of $100,000 would be worth more than $1 million as of October 15, 2021 trading in Bitcoin and more than $5,000,000 trading in ETH.  According to the study, these results could be achieved by re-investing all profits from each trade into the next trade, trading long and short, and using the Modulation method DigiMax has developed.  

As subscribers are learning how simple, and less stressful, it is to use this Modulation method, CryptoHawk is becoming a very profitable tool even for the average investor.  Potentially even more enticing than the returns, is the fact that the monthly variability in returns is actually very low.  CryptoHawk is fully achieving its goal of “harnessing the high volatility of cryptocurrencies, while delivery high, but stable, monthly returns to the investor.

CryptoHawk Growth Fund

This 2021 information is also useful for prospective investors into the CryptoHawk Growth Fund (the “Fund”) based in the Cayman Islands, that recently started trading.  Investment into that fund was seeded by a US$1 million deposit into the Fund by DigiMax.  Additional investors have shown great interest in the backtesting results but most are watching for actual results of the fund prior to making large investments.   As a result, DigiMax is pleased that is attracting lots of attention from primarily institutional investors, knowing that the Assets Under Management will accelerate more in the second half of the first year of operation more than the first.

The backtesting results, combined with the 1% modulation strategy is being studied and used in real time by a growing number of CryptoHawk subscribers with some already achieving significantly positive results.

Results at the Fund have been very strong after a late start in September caused by funds not flowing through the banks on time to commence trading on September 1.  This resulted in getting in late on a great CryptoHawk bullish indicator and suffering opening losses as a result.  Since then, the Fund has risen 30% above the low and is experiencing weekly gains similar to the Modulation gains described above.

CommodityHawk Growth Fund

The Commodity Fund and the institutional targeted prediction service is on track to commence before the end of the year.  DigiMax is using a combination of its own AI and proven AI developed by Delphi to produce a similar suite of products to CryptoHawk.  Results of internal trading of these predictions has been equal to the Modulation returns for CryptoHawk and DigiMax is excited to share these products through the same investor network as is being developed for the CryptoHawk Fund.

DigiMax believes the opportunity for the AI driven Commodities Fund is enormous as commodities are fast becoming the number-one sector for investors around the globe.

ETF Funds

While not confirmed 100%, DigiMax has researched offering long-only funds similar to ETF’s and expects to confirm this intention in the near future.  This would allow investors to move funds between the DigiMax Fund family that would include US Cash, the Hawk Funds and the ETF Funds to provide whatever balance each investor is seeking.  We believe this will accelerate the accumulation of capital invested at the front end of the life of the Funds.

Partnerships, Affiliates, and Marketing

DigiMax continues to expand its relationships with Crypto Exchanges with more official relationships expected to be announced on an ongoing basis.  These would be similar in structure to the relationship announced with Bitget Exchange.  The launch of collaborative activities was slowed by issues between countries but this has been worked out and the collaboration is expected to grow quickly going forward.

The efforts to expand awareness in Asia is seeing very positive results.  There are now CryptoHawk websites available in both Korean and Chinese languages and the CryptoHawk app is available in Chinese as well.   These efforts are supporting a growing number of followers in these countries with an increase in subscriptions expected to follow.

With Asian marketing efforts now operating quite smoothly, attention is being refocused on North America with additional social media platforms being added and numerous articles being present across a wide array of financial media. While not all affiliates are being announced in public, a growing number of smaller partners are beginning to access our affiliate program whereby they can join CryptoHawk to their own network and automatically share in some of the revenues generated from their referral efforts.  Finally, at the request of multiple partners, we have added a 7-day free trial that does not require a credit card to be filed in advance of the 7-day free trial that does require credit card registration.  This has resulted in a substantial increase in daily new trials and we expect an acceleration of new subscribers. 

Looking Ahead

The effort to bring these products to market all since late February of this year has been extraordinary and DigiMax is very proud of the hard work its team of very talented people have put forth to get to this stage.  As a result, we now have a much more seamless operation consisting of a base Artificial Intelligence core, and a growing marketing team that is reaching out to a common group of investors.

This organic effort is resulting in a growing awareness in the investor community around the world and an accelerating adoption of these products.  As this happens, we expect to add key personnel assets where required to both assist in, and accelerate this growth.

Going forward we expect to add additional “channels” to market by through new partnerships with exchanges, and by reaching out to different large groups around the world that have different associations with cryptocurrencies.

Finally, momentum continues to build with the other assets owned by DigiMax including the personnel products offered to larger organizations and the investment in Kirobo.   Both of these will be discussed in more detail in separate releases during Q4 of this calendar year.

About DigiMax

DigiMax is an Artificial Intelligence technology company committed to unlocking the potential of disruptive technologies by providing advanced financial, predictive, and cryptocurrency solutions across a multitude of verticals. DigiMax is an official IBM Watson partner through leveraging both Cloud and Watson services. The Company’s engineering team has extensive experience in Machine Learning, Neural Language Processing, AI, Big Data, and Cryptocurrency technology.

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