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AI Commodity Insight

CommodityHawk AI

CommodityHawk is powerful commodity price prediction indicator solution.  

  • CommodityHawk uses AI to evaluate hundreds of variables from industry and government databases around the globe constantly
  • The machine-learning analyses  an incredible amount of information to reveal what comes next - so that we, as humans, don’t have to.
  • The AI refines its findings into simple recommendations for traders by displaying the opportune times to buy, sell, hedge or hold.
  • The AI monitors; Platinum, Gold, Silver, Oil, Natural Gas, Coal, Corn, Soy, Wheat, and Milk
  • CommodityHawk shows you the current up or down trends for the next 30 days.
  • Unlike other tools, our indicators appear when BOTH the predicted trend and the current price are in an actionable zone
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How it works

Our AI engine examines dozens of leading indicator variables for each commodity, correlates and combines the patterns of each of those to predict the trend of the commodity itself. With this data, for each commodity, the AI creates a week-forward prediction of price and trend. The AI also examines a confidence zone based on the current price relative to historical and predicted price. When the predicted trend, and a high confidence level overlap, a trade opportunity is indicated.

In addition to the AI, the trader has at their hands the trend prediction not just of the commodity but of the top 5 contributing indicators all on one screen at the same time – allowing more in-depth analysis of AI recommendations

84% success rate
  • The test results we have achieved to date combine:
    • Entering a new position with exiting when price meets the 1 standard deviation target price (shown as solid lines on the graph)
    • Using a 10% stop loss set up at the time the trade is entered into
    • Of the 51 trades entered in 2022, 4 were stopped out and 4 others resulted in losses – all other trades were profitable
Our mission is to empower investors to safely invest in commodities by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence. Try CommodityHawk today!
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